CNN – Inside Africa

In Feburary 2020 Panga Films co-produced an Inside Africa with CNN, focusing on Gorongosa National Park and the brilliant work involving the local communities, wildlife and conservation. Gorongosa National Park is situated in the central province of Mozambique. It is a destination beyond the ordinary, a place of astounding natural beauty. This was one of the most fascinating experiences for us as filmmakers.

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Gorongosa National Park is a story that shows the evolution of mankind through good community work. The Park under the leadership of Greg Carr and a phenomenal team of people have created a National Park that has not only restored its wildlife and natural beauty, the Park, the people who live in and around the park have taken ownership of Gorongosa National Park and benefit from its success. Gorongosa is a place where girls are given opportunities through girls clubs and education programs, a place all human life is respected and opportunity is created for the human spirit to exell with nature. In Gorongosa Nature and humans exist symbiotically. Gorongosa National Park… what a pleasure it was to meet your people and see your natural beauty.